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420 CBD Roll on Relief


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CBD Roll on Relief 

A Full spectrum Topical oil which is easy appliclable with a roll on ball


125ml bottle 500mg Full Spectrum CBD <.2% THC


The common way of ingesting CBD is through the mouth in the form of oil. Other uncommon ways include sprays, and in the form of creams, and lotions. However, did you know you can topically use CBD oil on a particular area to get relief? For individuals who do not wish to use oral drops, topical application is their next best alternative.

How Topical CBD Works

Instead of consuming CBD oil through the mouth which takes about two hours to take effect and end up affecting the whole body, topical application on the affected area ensures that the oil is immediately absorbed to the affected area and creates a more focused onset of outcomes.

First time CBD oil users may be a little reluctant ingesting the oil and prefer external applications first before moving to other forms of use. Perhaps this is the minimally invasive application method that creates a connection between curious consumers and the hemp industry.

CBD applied in topical areas only interact with CB2 receptors available near the skin. The receptors act accordingly and activate the endocannabinoid system without the CBD entering the bloodstream. The human skin has a low absorption rate for cannabinoids. Therefore, an application needs to be heavy enough to surpass this challenge. For people trying the topical application, it is often advised that they liberally apply the oil on the affected area without limiting it.

Since CBD in the oil is likely to stimulate the CB2 receptors, manufacturers prefer it than THC. Furthermore, CBD oil is legal in all uk, and the unavailability of legal constraints makes it a viable source of CBD for topical applications.


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